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We are experts in creating, promoting and managing an online campaign to find potential buyers for a business


Our service is offered at a fraction of the total cost of traditional business brokerage yet we utilize many of the same tools and resources as our competitors


We can provide you additional support and resources should you decide you need it


Our service is utilized by business owners and their advisors to find buyers by creating and managing a professional marketing process. Our service allows you to attract buyers easily and confidentially without the assistance of a broker. Business owners and advisors that List with Redshift recognize that:

  • They need to find buyers for a business;
  • That once they have a buyer they can complete the sales process; and
  • They don’t want to incur the cost of a business broker.

We leverage our expertise in business, finance and marketing to deliver on our value proposition. We utilize the same tools and resources as most business brokers and our work processes and products are among the best in the industry. We offer our service for a low monthly fee while most business brokers propose exclusive long-term contracts that commit a seller to paying a fee equal to 5% to 15% or more of a businesses eventual sales price.

ARE YOU READY TO ListWithRedShift?

Select ListWithRedShift whether you are committed to sell or just testing the market. We are a quality service provider that delivers on its value proposition at a fraction of the cost of the traditional alternatives. When you work with us you maintain control of your sale process, you pay for what you want and get what you pay for, you avoid the expensive, exclusive contracts of a traditional broker, and have access to additional resources should you need them.


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Developing the Plan

We take time to learn about and understand your business through talking with you and collecting and reviewing information. We develop the materials required to promote the business for sale and recommend a marketing plan to you. The plan gets reviewed, revised and approved by our customer before we do anything.


Working the Plan

We execute on approved marketing plans generally by creating, promoting and managing online listings. We promote listings to potential buyers and their advisors through enhanced positioning on listing websites, social media, and e-mail promotions.


Introduction to Buyers

When potential buyers respond to our marketing efforts we immediately share their contact information with you. We can provide potential buyers with a confidentiality agreement on your behalf at not additional cost. We have increased levels of service if you find that you need more help in managing your discussions with potential buyers.


Monthly Update Reports

At the end of each month, we provide you with an e-mail summary of the month's activity. Our monthly reports provide you with insight on the effectiveness of our efforts and exposure you have received, a copy of your monthly account statement, and our insights on current market conditions.

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